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Ampli karaoke BMB DAP-5000 (SE) nhập khẩu chính hãng

16.000.000 VND

Ampli karaoke BMB DAP-5000 (SE) nhập khẩu chính hãng

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Hãng sản xuất: BMB

Professional Hi-Fi audio power amplifier

・Use of BRIDGE connection enables the amplifiers to be used high power amplifiers.
Bridge Power: 1500W×1ch (DAP-5000)
・This model has High-pass switch and Chassis-ground switch to eliminate noise.
・Front panel is made of aluminum with luxurious anodic oxidation coatings.
・Filters on front panel are removable to clean easily.

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Ampli karaoke BMB DAP-5000 (SE) nhập khẩu chính hãng

Tính năng - Đặc điểm Ampli karaoke BMB DAP-5000 (SE)

Professional Hi-Fi audio power amplifier

"A deep and powerful bass sound is the essential key to the best sound. In order to attain the best sound, the power source needs to be stable and its line regulation requires appropriate adjustment. For these purposes, we use the best quality components for the power circuit.
We customised a very large toroidal transformer with thick copper coil, which is the key component of the power circuit board, to be able to maximise the output for the powerful sound."

"The output of DAP will not be disturbed when loud sounds are played from the speaker.
The standard amplifier is designed to cut off output when the circuit temperature of the power amplifier becomes too high because of the increased power output. However, DAP uses level controls to reduce the volume smoothly when the circuit sensor detects the rising temperature and returns the volume naturally when the temperature returns to normal so that both the continuity of the output and the safety of the system are maintained."

Thông số kỹ thuật Ampli karaoke BMB DAP-5000 (SE)

Rating Output Power
1KHz THD = @1%
800W x 2CH (4Ω) : Stereo Mode
520W x 2CH(8Ω): Stereo Mode
Frequency Characteristic (20Hz – 20KHz, 8Ω) +/- 0.3dB
THD (8Ω, 1KHz) 0.03%
S/N Ratio >98dB 
Damping factor (100Hz 8 Ω) >250
Voltage Gain 38(+/-2dB)
Channel Separation (20Hz – 1000Hz 8 Ω) >48dB
Input Impedance 20KΩ (balance)
Audio Input Connectors XRL type x 2CH
Output Connectors Neutrik SpeakON NL4MP (1+/1-)
Screw type (+/-)
AC Input 220V-240V (50/60Hz)
Power Consumption (1/8 Output Pink noise 8Ω) 1800W
Cooling Fans Automatic Air Volume Control Fans
Dimensions (mm) 483 (W) x 89 (H) x 414 (D)
Weight 15 Kg


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